About Us

Luxesaint is a Philippine- Based womenswear brand founded by digital influencer, Tia Lacson. Launched in December 2016, it aims to empower women with classic yet unrestricted dressing. Realising that Filipino fashion is rapidly evolving, the team decided to provide quality clothes and accessories for the growing population of fashion-forward women.


Luxesaint Collections -our Ready to Wear line designed for the online shopper.

Luxesaint Accessories - is an accessory line curated and handmade all over the world just for you.

Luxesaint Custom- designer custom made dresses, gowns and bridal wear for special occasions.

With unique cuts and romantic aesthetics, Luxesaint seeks to create an indispensable luxe womenswear brand that has a distinctive feature of its own. Each piece is a statement and each outfit crafted cleverly to stand out.